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Before I started creating products like the REVIVE+THRIVE suite of products and officially offering them under the Kei Dubb brand, my creative business coaching options would primarily consist of hosting or appearing at business and lifestyle workshops, seminars, webinars, and conducting special 1-on-1 creative business consultations.

In recent times, due to a desire to reach more people in an efficient and feasible way, I made a deliberate shift from personal consultations and appearances to creating products and services under the Kei Dubb brand (many of which are digitally-based) that are self-paced and effective. 


Subscription Platforms



These new Kei Dubb suite of products are available through my subscription-only creative business coaching platforms that are accessible using any digital device you choose to use. Through these subscription platforms, I am able to bring quality coaching experiences to artists and creators the world over and do so at prices that are affordable. These platforms allow me to reach audiences everywhere with my work in a way that works for everyone.

Each subscriber will have their own user profile and will have access to all the features and material on the platform including worksheets, the Blueprint app, exclusive industry insider information, consultations through live chats, video tutorials, a community forum, and more. The platform is exclusive and designed to accept only a limited number of NEW subscribers monthly. Those who are current subscribers can opt to continue (including re-activation) or discontinue their subscription at any point they see fit. Subscribers may remain as anonymous as they wish when using the forum or interacting with other subscribers.


What to Expect



All Kei Dubb coaching services and products are highly customisable. They include recommendations based on created systems that have been tested, and proven effective in just about every situation and work-life circumstance you can think of. 

These programs take into consideration your work-life circumstances, your resources (skills, talent, personality, and abilities) and how they can all be used to work for you. We all come to the table with different assets and even seeming liabilities that can be used to our benefit. My programs are designed to help you realise what you already have in your hand and use them to your benefit.

REVIVE+THRIVE and The Short Girl Code

REVIVE+THRIVE is an easy to use, self-paced, acronym-based business planning system. It is uniquely designed to help artists and creators build businesses they can use to move their creative business forward and increase their impact on the world. Unlike many traditional business planning systems, this system is written in a manner that works with (and not against) the way creator and artists think. As such, the system is easily understood and effectively implemented. 

A nice compliment to the REVIVE+THRIVE suite of products, the upcoming The Short Girl Code suite of products is designed as a fun way to help creators and artists organise their total lives and enjoy a healthy life-work balance as they build their business. The Short Girl Code's suite of products and services are based on The Short Girl Code's philosophy where the 'smallest' DIY lifestyle hacks, tips and tricks, that make a big difference. 




It's time to REVIVE your creative vision and watch it THRIVE as you expand your impact in the world.



 Finally, there is a self-paced program that can help you build your own creative business using sound business principles and using a model that works just for you!




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